Interior House Painting

Attention to Detail.

Interior painting in sarasota,bradenton
residential interior painting in sarasota

Interior House Painting



Boro Building & Property Maintenance's Painting Division offer a wide variety of painting services, and hire only the best painters to take care of your home. Whether you need to remove your old wallpaper or old popcorn ceiling, or update the style and decor of your home, we will be there for you every step along the way.

Whatever you choose, we have the painters to make your dreams come true


  • Cover  and/or remove furniture from area

  • Repair damages

  • Fill Holes with appropriate spackling & sand down

  • Clean walls

  • Protect Trim

It can be exciting to repaint a room because a fresh paint job can entirely change how the space appears. Painting a room requires a lot more thought than just choosing a color and applying paint. 


We will properly prep your walls so that the job looks neat and is long lasting, and most importantly, will not need to be redone.

  • Living rooms, dining rooms

  • ​Offices

  • Bedrooms, bathrooms

  • ​Kitchens, laundry rooms

  • Walls, ceilings, doors

  • Baseboards

  • Basements

  • ​Cabinets, hand railings

  • ​Crown moldings

  • Family rooms, play rooms

  • ​French doors